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“HGH releasers stimulate the pituitary gland into overproducing the natural form of the hormone, which influences the body’s growth, cell production and metabolism. This potentially gives users the same physiological advantages they could get by using synthetic HGH. The synthetic form can boost muscle growth, decrease body fat and aid in recovery from strenuous workouts.”

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“Dr. Berger, who has been practicing anti-aging and holistic medicine for 30 years, says he is now prescribing injections of HGH to about one out of every four people he treats…People come for generally two reasons; they want to look better, and they want to feel better…most of his patients are middle-aged, but he’s now getting calls from 30-somethings wanting the benefits HGH has to offer.”

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“Ordinary Americans are taking human growth hormone to make themselves look and feel better…Human growth hormone is being offered by some doctors as part of an anti-aging regimen that can also include dietary supplements, nutrition counseling and exercise programs.”

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“Even some sports doctors have given anecdotal testament to the drug’s healing power, claiming that it can cut recovery times – from wear and tear, surgery and sports injuries – in half. ‘ Our observations tell us that it works and that it works well’, says Dr. Richard Hawkins, former team physician for the Denver Broncos.”