In nearly every culture though out history, athletics has been important.  We still hold the Olympic Games every four years which were created by the ancient Greeks to celebrate the physical qualities and evolution of the performances by their athletes.  We continue to hold up the physical ideal through beauty pageants, body building events and sports.  Although most athletes are amateurs, billions of dollars are spent world wide in the development, support and promotion of those in sports.  This includes an amateur seeking sponsorships or the professional athlete with their multi-million dollar salaries

Another example of the amount of money changing hands in the sports industry would be the average price of tickets from sanctioned venders for the 2012 Superbowl.  It was nearly $4000!  Is it any wonder that in order to succeed in athletics, many athletes feel compelled to find aids in order to run faster, be stronger or last longer than the competition, regardless of the cost or the risks?

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the phrase “performance enhancing drugs”?  Most people immediately think of stimulants or steroids.  There is another alternative that is in high demand that the athletes can choose if they want to gain that competitive edge.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body.  Produced by the Pituitary Gland, growth hormone regulates and controls proper growth during childhood.  It also affects, among other things, the body’s energy and blood pressure levels, the speed in which the body recovers from injury or exercise and boosts libido.  Then, as we continue to age, our levels of HGH diminish which causes us to lose some of the benefits of HGH.  With each passing year we lose muscle mass, put on weight and become more fatigued.

Sytropin, The Best Solution

For many, the solution is to restore the growth hormone in their body to the levels they enjoyed as teenagers.   There are two ways this can be done.  The first option is synthetic HGH injections.  However, HGH injections are available only via prescriptions, are costly, painful, linked to significant health risks and banned by most amateur and professional athletic associations.

The second option is the more desired solution.  Sytropin HGH spray is affordable, available online, is legal and all natural.  Being all-natural, there are no known side effects.  Sytropin works by encouraging the body to increase its own production of growth hormone.  It gradually increases growth hormone levels over time, so those who use it regularly for several months will see the full effect.

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