The debate continues on whether or not it is safe to consume human growth hormone supplements.  Will they harm us? Does Sytropin work?  Is it legal to use HGH supplements?  Just as with any health or medicinal supplements you will find those both for and against; those who love the results and those who still have unanswered concerns; those who have done their homework thus are ready to follow the directions and feel better and those who feel supplements should be administered by doctors.

With all the human growth hormone supplements made available, it is wise to ask, questions and do your homework before putting anything in your body.  In order to avoid negative side effects it’s important to know how any supplement will react with your own medical condition.

Human growth hormone or HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland.  It is used to support the overall health of various internal organs and the body overall.  A young, healthy pituitary gland produces growth hormone in normal quantities.  As we age, though, the production of growth hormone begins to diminish.  As our body makes less of the growth hormone we begin to notice a corresponding decrease in our metabolism and muscle development.

Now if we experience abnormal, lower than required levels of HGH we will suffer the consequences.  Our rate of growth and development will be slower and we will run out of energy sooner than we should.  Add to that the drop in production of HGH as we age and our condition is exacerbated.  We end up with stunted growth, less energy, slower recovery time, and wrinkles, just because of reduced levels of growth hormone.

Those who are suffering from a pituitary gland that is malfunctioning need to see a doctor to address then condition.  They may need to be cautioned to do some research first before trying anything to insure they do no harm to their body.

Those of us, though, who are just feeling the affects of getting older, do have a solution.  It’s called Sytropin.  HGH occurs naturally in the body, we just have less of it as we age.  Sytropin is not a steroid, thus is not illegal.  It’s an all natural over the counter supplement that encourages our body to produce more growth hormone.  Because it’s made from natural products, there are no known side effects.

To answer the question “Is it Safe to Use Human Growth Supplements?”  Well, that depends on which ones you use.  We have found that using an all-natural, over the counter supplement like Sytropin if safe.   Sytropin has increased our energy, changed our skin, added lean muscle, decreased our percentage of body fat and overall rejuvenated us.  Do your own research, then, when you tired of being tired, give Sytropin a try.  You’ll be glad you did.