What Ingredients are in Sytropin?
Sytropin blends homeopathic HGH, potent amino acid releasers and growth factors that are designed to encourage the pituitary gland to produce larger amounts of human growth hormone.  It is shown to have no known side effects or complications.  To see a complete list of the ingredients in Sytropin, click here.

Does the FDA approve Sytropin?
The FDA does not directly regulate Sytropin because it is a dietary supplement and it does not require a prescription.  However, Sytropin complies with all applicable FDA regulations on a voluntary basis and it manufactured in a licensed, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility.  Each ingredient in Sytropin has been tested for effectiveness and safety.

Are there any side effects with Sytropin?
Sytropin has no know negative side effects.  Those of all health profiles, with the exception of children or those taking MAOI inhibitors, can use Sytropin.  Because it is taken as an oral spray, it bypasses the stomach, eliminating any of the stomach discomfort that accompanies many HGH pill products. 
As always, always consult your doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

What are the benefits of Sytropin?
Recently the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that those using HGH had a dramatic decrease in body fat, increase in lean muscle mass, better skin tone, higher energy levels and more restful sleep.  Because Sytropin is taken as an oral spray, it doesn’t have the cost or the pain associated with prescription injections. Read what other customers have to say about Sytropin.

How often should I take Sytropin?
As directed on the bottle, “Take 2 sprays under the tongue in the morning and 4 sprays before bedtime.  Avoid taking food or liquids for 20 minutes after use.”  You should hold the spray under your tongue for two minutes so it can be absorbed through the lining of the mouth.   It does not need to be swallowed.

How long does Sytropin take to work?

Every body responds differently to HGH supplementation.  To realize the full benefits of Sytropin, it is recommended that you take it for at least three months.  Many users see renewed energy and more restorative sleep within the first 2 weeks, with increased muscle mass and loss of fat occurring over the course of several months.

What makes Sytropin better than other HGH products?
Sytropin is a unique HGH product in that it combines proven growth factors and homeopathic HGH with powerful amino acid releasers resulting in each dose being highly effective.  The best, non-prescription HGH supplement on the market today is Sytropin.  In addition, with each order we offer out 90 Day money-back guarantee!

Can I use Sytropin with other HGH products?
Sytropin is safe to use with HGH homeopathic pills, homeopathic sprays, HGH releasers and stimulators.
However, we recommend that you do not take Sytropin at the same time as prescription HGH, as together they may combine to suppress the natural production of HGH in your body.

Is Sytropin available in my country?

We are able to ship Sytropin to most countries.  However, we are unable to ship to Australia and South Africa. Please check with your country’s customs regulations before ordering, if you are unsure whether or not they permit HGH to be imported.

What if I’m not satisfied with my Sytropin order?
We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results after using Sytropin, that we offer a (0 Day money-back guarantee with each order!  If you find you are not completely satisfied, return all unused bottles for a full refund for those bottles (less shipping).  Our 90 Day money-back guarantee is our way of introducing you to the benefits of Sytropin, risk free!