You’ve probably done some research on the Internet, seen the articles, read the testimonies and are intrigued.  However, you may still have that nagging question in the back of your mind…”Does Sytropin Actually Work…for me?”

What is Sytropin?
First, let’s make sure we are on the same page and discuss what Sytropin actually is.  We’ll start by stating what it is not.  Sytropin is not a medicine.  It is not a steroid.  It is not obtained by a prescription.  Nor is Sytropin a drug.  It is an all-natural supplement spray that has no known side effects.  Sytropin stimulates the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain, to produce more human growth hormone.

Now because Sytropin is not a medicine, it does not have to comply with strict FDA rules.  However, Sytropin is voluntarily compliant with all the FDA guidelines and regulations.  It is manufactured in a state of the art licensed pharmaceutical facility.  Each ingredient in Sytropin has been tested for effectiveness and safety.

What are the benefits of Sytropin?
The England Journal of Medicine published results of a study of the effects of HGH in men between the ages of sixty-one and eighty-one.  They found that there was an 8% increase in lean muscles, 14.4% decrease in adipose tissue mass and a 1.6% increase in lumbar vertebral bone density.  In addition, the thickness of skin increased 7.1%.

Senior Citizens feel like that they are able to reverse aging by increasing their bone density, increasing the thickness of the skin and having more energy.  Athletes, such as body builders, like the decrease in fat and increase in lean muscles. 

How is Sytropin different from other HGH products?
Sytropin is different from other Human Growth Hormone products in that it comes in the form of an oral spray.  It is not a pill that is swallowed then broken down by the stomach and liver, but, rather, it is an oral spray.  Spraying Sytropin under the tongue, allows it to be absorbed directly into the blood stream giving you the full effects immediately.

Money Back Guarantee
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